Fluid bed dryer is an equipment kind that finds vast application for drying of powders, mixing of powders and agglomeration. Widely sought after in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, dairy, and numerous other industries, fluid bed dryers operate based on the principle of fluidization of materials. Fluid bed dryers perform the drying operation with high efficiency, thereby fluidizing powder with gas in a quick manner. An apt choice for drying the processed material uniformly with comparatively high moisture content to low moisture content, fluid bed dryers are extremely versatile in their performance.

Fluid bed dryers by Tapasya Global USA are the state of the art drying units, built with a working pressure of 3.0 Bar at 800c. The offered fully automated fluid bed dryer machines, or dryer granulators are specifically designed to attain robust formulation and stringent cGMP compliance. What’s best about these fluid bed dryers is that they are highly capable machines that offer a long shelf life to the product and do not require much drying time. Specifically designed to make fluid bed dryer process versatile, these fluid bed dryers possess air handling unit with tool-less construction for ease of cleaning or replacement of the filter assembly. Owing to its ergonomic design, this machine is effortless in operation.

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