Roller Hearth Kiln for Hot Stamping

Roller Hearth Kiln for Hot Stamping

Hot stamping is a process in which sheet metals are formed and quenched at the same time creating stronger lighter parts; in turn improving vehicle safety and a reduction in fuel consumption.

  • Save in running cost by up to 40%
  • Energy saving by decreasing running cost by up to 15%
  • Space saving by decreasing machinery footprint by up to 45%

Use both top and bottom layers of the Kiln to produce or use the top for main production and bottom to run recovery batches without the need of having downtime. This Double Layer Roller Hearth Kiln is among the most versatile Kilns on the market.

First half zoneDouble-tube- Special ceramic & Metal tube (spacer is placed between them)

Middle zone: N-coating Aluminum plating melts from the work; a special coating is on the surface of ceramic roller

Conductive ceramic heater Replacement frequency:

Noritake: Once/4~5years  Compared to Metal wire heaterOnce/1~2years

Compact furnace body: 2 layer height is about the same as the conventional 1 layer furnace.

2-layer RHK saves 45% space – Total line length shortened by 40%

Having the consumer in mind, we have made tremendous improvements to reduce machine downtime and consumables while  increasing operation and product reliability.

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