There are a number of technologies and equipment employed in solid-liquid mixing. But, you need to collect all the information that is made available by various sources as well as seek guidance from industry experts to find solid-liquid mixing equipment that can help you prepare high, medium, and low viscosity mixtures under different shear conditions.

Mixing solids in any form – powders, granules, crystals, pellets, fibers, or flakes – into liquids is always a challenging process. And this is why most manufacturers, belonging to different industries, including food, chemical, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosmetics, prefer using fluids in mixing operations. In comparison, liquids are easier to deal with and mix well with other liquids. But, there are requirements where you have to mix solids and liquids, and for that, you need equipment that can create the desired mixture with relative ease.

In principle, solid-liquid mixing equipment is a re circulation unit that is used for dissolution of solids. The equipment allows you the ability to add solids, automatically or manually, so that the mixing can take place more efficiently and without any interruption. This equipment can be used for dissolution of solids for syrup production, beverage production, ice cream production, milk reconstitution, brine production, etc.