For easy assimilation of various chemical industry equipment and to ease the procurement of Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Food, Chemicals and Cosmetics – Tapasya’s quest for continuous improvement of other products has been constantly fuelled by a proactive ‘design & development’ unit.

Clean-in-place (CIP) / Wash-in-place (WIP)

The organization’s passionate approach towards the industrial development and ease of instilling high-end pharmaceutical machines have made the said unit experts in making equipment for industrial processes. Such as – high shear granulators and mixers (for granulation), Roto cone vacuum dryers, tray dryers and bed dryers (for ease of drying), Vibratory sifters, Sifter cum Millers, Oscillatory granulators, tap mill etc. (for milling), and types of blenders (Conta blender, Ribbon blender, shear mixer etc.) supervised further by swift material handling and cleaning systems.

You can easily avail advanced equipment that enhance the drying, milling, and blending capabilities for your Chemical Product from leaders in the field of innovative machines and designs. The sophisticated line of granulators, mills, and blenders not only enhance the speed of the whole process, but also aid the overall productivity by increasing the Pharmaceutical efficiency, in total.

Advantages to the various industries:

1. Cost effective pharmaceutical offerings, that meets the cGMP requirements
2. Vital single point of contact for all nutraceutical needs
3. Ensuring unmatched safety and quality for the full spectrum of food products
4. Time-saving, cost-efficient and high-quality mixing
5. Wide range of manufacturing options and flexibility of design and approach