FLT Thermoforming Machine

FLT Vacuum thermoforming machine

  • Minimize defective products ratio, high productivity
  • Easy operation and high repeatability
  • Most suitable sheet heating

The FLT is suitable for door liner of the refrigerator, automobile components and building material. Sheet feeding is AC servo motor driven. Forming table is air cylinder driven. To use mold change device mold can be changed within 15 minutes.


Main forming products Door liner of the refrigerator, automobile components and building material
Materials ABS, HIPS, etc.
Forming Method Vacuum forming
Sheet feeding method AC servo motor driven, spike chain type
Heater Ceramic heater
Forming Table Driven Air cylinder
Max. Forming Area
(W x L)
mm 1000 x 2000
Max. Forming Depth mm Height of formed part positive: 250
negative: 600
Max. Upper Mold Clamping Force kN 13
Max. Lower Mold Clamping Force kN 30
  • All specs and dimensions are subject to change without notice or may differ depending on export destinations and manufactured year.

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