FCSP Thermoforming Machine

FCSP Single station pressure and vacuum thermoforming machine

  • Shorten operation time, high productivity
  • Easy operation and high repeatability
  • Most suitable sheet heating
  • Equipped fully with safety devices
  • Clean and low noise

The FCSP Thermoforming Machine is an FCS type machine that has pressure forming function. Suits for bathtub, washstand and automobile components. Heater is Asano quick response heater. Forming table is AC servo motor drive. Standard forming position is front center so that easy to operate


Main forming products Bathtub, washstand, automobile components
Materials PVC, HIPS, ABS, PMMA, PC, PE, etc.
Forming Method Vacuum and pressure forming
Heater Asano Quick Response Heater
Forming Table Driven Ball screw by AC servo motor driven
Max. Forming Area
(W x L)
mm 1050 x 2000
Max. Forming Depth mm 600
Max. Mold CLamping Force kN 500
  • All specs and dimensions are subject to change without notice or may differ depending on export destinations and manufactured year.

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