EFL Thermoforming Machine

Pressure and Vacuum Thermoforming Machine Interlocking Extruder

  • Saving energy and material by interlocking system with extruder
  • Good at automobile large parts like mud guard or fender liners
  • Reduction of material cost by scrap recovery system
  • Half mold price compared with injection forming
  • Short cycle time compared with injection forming

The EFL Machine forms and trims the sheets which are extruded by extruder. Suits for mud-guard and fender liner. After trimming scraps are collected, extruded and formed again by extruder. Compared with injection forming, the mold cost is cheaper and the cycle is faster.


MODEL EFL-960-40
Main forming products Mud-guard, fender liner, automobile components, etc.
Materials HDPE
Forming Method Vacuum and pressure forming
Forming Table Driven AC servo motor driven
Max. Forming Area
(W x L)
mm 1000 x 2000
Max. Forming Depth mm Height of formed part positive: 600
negative: 100
Max. Mold Clamping Force kN 400
Trimming Force kN 600
  • All specs and dimensions are subject to change without notice or may differ depending on export destinations and manufactured year.

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