Ultrasonic-Cutter Oscillator SONOFILE SH-3510

Ultrasonic Cutters

Ultrasonic cutters can smoothly cut difficult-to-cut materials. They are small in size and do not require large installation areas. Special equipment is not required for the installation. They are small enough to be hand-held for many operations. They can also be attached to automated machinery arms. Although they may not be familiar to you, they play an active role in the manufacturing processes of various industrial products which we use daily. The sharpness of an ultrasonic cutter differs according to various combinations of oscillator, transducer, and blade. Because of abundant experience, the company prepares combinations suitable for various materials.

Ultrasonic-Cutter units

Ultrasonic-Cutter Oscillator SONOFILE SF-0102
Ultrasonic-Cutter Oscillator SONOFILE SF-653
Ultrasonic-Cutter Oscillator SONOFILE SF-3441
Ultrasonic-Cutter Oscillator SONOFILE SH-3510


• Maximum Output: 100W
• An ultrasonic cutter featuring the size convenient for carrying around
• The transducer is provided with a hand switch and the activation of operation is notified with illumination and sound
• The cutter can also be used as a versatile machine for cutting various materials.

This is a manual type ultrasonic cutter, which daringly pursued nice Features user-friendliness. It is provided with a portable handle and storage rack for use at various jobsites. It is best fitted for a wide range of applications including carbon prepregs, resins, rubber, and fabrics. For safety measures, the activation of ultrasonic vibration is reported with illumination and sound. The product complies with the CE Standard.

Applicable materials

• Carbon prepregs with thickness up to 10 mm
• Thermoplastics
• Rubber
• Fabrics

Corresponding Transducers

• HP-2200 (22kHz)


• Maximum Ouput: 100W
• Stable vibrations with a maximum amplitude of 30 microns ensure remarkable cutting performance
• Our unique technologies suppress the heat generation of transducers, thus enabling extended continuous use
• Adoption of the exclusive square-head screws and the screwdriver ensures easy and robust mounting of tools

This is a high-frequency cutter featuring the 40 kHz (40,000 vibrations per second) vibration frequency of tool with the amplitude of 30 microns. It maximizes the effect of ultrasonic high-speed micro vibrations. A wide range of materials, including newly developed composite materials, rubber and leather, can be cut at will with low processing pressure, sharp cutting surface and little cutting chips. The power control circuit specially developed by us and the cooling air inlet suppress the heat generation of transducer even for large amplitude, thus enabling extended continuous use. (For a long-time operation without air cooling, contact us.)

Applicable materials

• Rubber (vulcanized latex, non-vulcanized latex, sheeting materials, sealing materials and tubes) and leather (natural and artificial)
• Thermoplastics (boards, sheeting materials, films, laminated materials, flooring materials)
• Fabric materials, non-woven fabrics, and paper (specially-treated paper and coated paper)

Corresponding Transducers

• HP 653 (40kHz)


• Powerful ultrasonic cutter with a maximum power output of 300 W
• Mountable on automated machinery, industrial robots and plotters

This ultrasonic oscillator is capable of exchanging signals with the main units of automated machinery, industrial robots, plotters, etc., for operations, such as turning on/off, emergency stop and switching the output level.

Applicable materials

• Various types of prepregs (boron, Kevlar, polyethylene fibers, etc.)
• Rubber (vulcanized latex, non-vulcanized latex, sheeting materials, sealing materials and tubes) and leather (natural and artificial)
• Thermoplastics (boards, sheeting materials, films, laminated materials, flooring materials)
• Fabric materials, nonwoven fabrics and paper (specially-treated paper and coated paper)

Corresponding Transducers



• Cutter with a maximum power output of 500 W capable of handling materials requiring high-power cutting
• Tools including carbide blades and long blades can be used
• Mountable on automated machinery, industrial robots and plotters

The oscillator with a maximum power output of 500 W enabled powerful cutting of difficult-to-cut and extra-tough work pieces. Abrasion resistant carbide blade with 1 mm thickness can be used. Exchanging signals for on/off, emergency stop, change of output level, and other features with automated machinery or industrial robots is, of course, possible.

Applicable materials

• Carbon (CFRP)
• A range of prepregs (boron, kevlar, polyethylene fiber, etc,)
• Rubber (vulcanized latex, non-vulcanized latex, sheeting material, sealing material, tube)
• Thermoplastics (board, sheeting material, film and laminated material)

Corresponding Transducers


How does the ultrasonic cutter work?

The ultrasonic cutter is composed of a “transducer” that generates vibration and an “oscillator” that drives the transducer. A piezoelectric element is used for the transducer. When voltage is applied, the piezoelectric element displaces the transducer by a few micrometers. Periodically applying voltage generates vibration. Each object has its special frequency, by which the object is stable and easy to vibrate. By adding an external force that corresponds to that special frequency, a small force can obtain a large vibration. This phenomenon is called resonance.

In the ultrasonic cutter, the piezoelectric element generates a force that resonates the whole body, from the transducer to the blade tip, generating a large vibration at the tip. The oscillator periodically generates voltage to resonate and drive the transducer. Using a component of the ultrasonic cutter called the horn to wring the cross-sectional area, from the piezoelectric element to the blade tip, can obtain a larger vibration

Requests for free test cutting!

Contact us now for a free test-cutting. CSG@djausa.com

The sharpness of an ultrasonic cutter depends on the synergic effect of the oscillator, transducer, and blade tip. Before purchasing, we will perform a test cutting using a machine that has been selected and adjusted according to your processing content so that you can check the performance and section for yourself.

Detailed Test-Cut-Report directly from Japan!

We will choose the combination of the oscillator and the transducer, which are optimum for the intended material and the cutting conditions.

With our knowledge and experience accumulated for a long period, we will propose the ultrasonic cutters that best fit the customer.

That means, if you send us samples of the products you wish to cut, we can send those to Japan for a test cut. Everything will be recorded on video and we can send back your samples for you to examine the quality of the cutting.

Contact: CSG@djausa.com

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