High Shear Mixer Granulator or High Speed Mixer Granulator

Technical Specifications

High Shear Mixer Granulator – R2T was introduced with the feature of ‘Direct Drive Technology’. It is the only Granulator that not only meets all the stringent quality requirements of the FDA / cGMP, but also meets the specific needs of customers, with its, distinct ‘Torque-based’ granulation end-point determination.

Primary Features

Increase in productivity due to unique R2T technology (Upto almost 50%, as per data shared by customers)

Greater accuracy in determining and validating granulation endpoint

Superior performance of the machine with 100% accuracy, due to Direct Drive Motor

Improved efficiency as minimal maintenance needs, due to elimination of conventional machine components such as, belts, pulley drives, worm & worm wheel gearbox, etc.

Reduced number of batches for validation of product to commercial level, due to precise Granulation endpoint

Major savings and cost containment due to absence of drive elements, improved efficiency of 85% and savings in power bills upto 12%

Meets all requirements of cGMP