Technical Specifications

F.B.D Bowl Capacity Lifting Device Rotating Mechanism
60 Kgs. 1 HP. 1 HP.
100 Kgs. 1 HP. 1 HP.
150 Kgs. 1.5 HP. 1 HP.
200 Kgs. 2.0 HP. 2 HP.
250 Kgs. 2.0 HP. 2 HP.
300 Kgs. 2.0 HP. 2 HP.
350 Kgs. 2.0 HP. 2 HP.
400 Kgs. 3.0 HP. 2 HP.

Technical Video

A hydraulically on mechanically operated equipment, Tipper is used for lifting and tipping FBD Bowl loaded with dried granules. Contents of the Bowl is transferred smoothly to a granulating equipment and through it to a BIN or an IPC container.


It provides completely dust free operation and eliminates tedious scooping or manual handling. The process consists of bringing the FBD Bowl beneath the Tipper. The inverted cone of the Tipper is lowered so that the brim flange of the bowl touches the brim flange of the inverted cone. Both are then clamped together with quick fixing clamps. The whole assembly is raised Hydraulically to the required height and then rotated mechanically to 180 degree on its axis and lowered to a suitable height to align with the receiving container / equipment. The discharge point of cone is fitted with an Butterfly valve by operating which the contents are discharged to Multi Mill / Co Mill or a sifter cum Multi Mill as per the process requirement. The flanged cone and the valve is of S.S. 316 /304 material, as required. The bottom and the complete drives are covered with highly polished S.S. 304 sheets to impart a cGMP finish.

Primary Features

Stainless steel lift yoke with Integral Gearbox for rotation of discharge cone and container.

Discharge cone clamps are made of stainless steel with ease of clamping design.

Control cabinet is Powder coated in M.S. and is water tight complete with hydraulic power pack and electric controls.

Conforms to latest cGMP/cGEP Standards.

Double acting in-house manufactured Hydraulic Cylinder with 3 stage Fail safe seals. The cylinder is designed for an operating pressure of 100 BAR.

Hose burst protection system installed on the Cylinder making it fail safe.

2 nos 8 MM Ø SS 304 Wire ropes instead of chain.

CE Certified meeting 19 EN specifications.

Provision for the Vibratory Sifter/ Mill to be electrically connected is Built-in. Thus eliminating the cables running on the floor. Better safety and GMP.

Hydraulic Tilting arrangement for maintenance free operation.

Limit switches for up & down movement

Pilot operated Hose Burst Valve on the hydraulic cylinder for hydraulic safety.