Roto Cone Vacuum Dryer or Double Cone Vacuum Dryer

The Roto Cone Dryer with improved technology integrates drying operation under vacuum. The Roto Cone Dryer facilitates enhanced drying efficiency, low temperature operation and economy of process by total solvent recovery.

It helps cGMP – based working by achieving optimum dust control, while offering the advantage of efficient charging and discharging of materials. The dryer is also available with an optional thermal medium system.

Primary Features

Jacket fabrication to accept varied Heating sources.

Optimum and continuous vacuum maintenance during processing.

Uniform Material shuffling over the heated contact surface of cone.

Suitable size condensers and receivers for solvent collection.

Preventive controls on Energy heads to maintain operational efficiency.

Mechanical seals for vacuum and heating sides.

Vacuum / Gravity & Bin loading system for Minimal Material handling.

Can be offered in Nickel, Hestalloy, Titanium and Tantalum.

All rotating parts are provided with SS Guards for Operator Safety.

Interlocking with Drive through Proximity Switch.