LS Mtron Injection Molding Machines

Established in 1969, LS Mtron, leading the injection molding industry, is a comprehensive manufacturer producing a variety of products, ranging from 30 ton to 4,500 ton hydraulic and hybrid injection molding machine and 30 ton to 850 ton electric injection molding machine to 68 ton to 700 ton toggle-type injection molding machine.

Possessing outstanding technology and R&D capabilities, the company exports 60% of its products to over 50 countries through 32 proprietary sales and service offices located in 25 countries around the world.


WIZ-E Series

LS Mtron
LS Mtron WIZ-240E

20~950 US Tons

  • Energy saving all electric
  • Less maintenance & clean molding
  • High speed clamping system
  • Dual nozzle touch cylinder
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Electric-Servo Hybrid

theOne® Series

LS Mtron
LS Mtron theOne-1800

550~3600 US Tons

  • Wide Platen Design
  • Oil-free Sliding Bushing
  • Quick Barrel Change System
  • Retractable Tie Bar System
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WIZ-TA Series

LS Mtron

55~420 US Tons

  • High energy efficiency servo-hydraulic system
  • Energy savings 65 to 75% standard hydraulic machine
  • Greater productivity
  • High repeatability
  • Center press clamping system
  • Closed-loop pressure control
  • Cost savings vs. all-electric machine
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