Our pharmaceutical offerings have been developed from the ground up to be faster, more cost-effective, and to meet all requirements of cGMP.

The wide range of manufacturing equipment offered by DJA allows us to be a vital single point of contact for all your nutraceutical needs.

Our state-of-the-art blending, sizing, and screen offerings ensures unmatched safety and quality for the full spectrum of food products.

Our cutting-edge drying and mixing equipment helps you save time, improve quality, and reduce costs on all your chemical projects.

In the cosmetics industry, flexibility is the key to success. Our cosmetics equipment line provides a wide range of manufacturing options.

A turnkey provider in an everevolving industry, offering singlestop solutions for all your manufacturing needs

Tapasya Global USA Efficiency


While for others, solutions is placing one machine after the other, for DJA engineers, it’s a science which they take seriously. Creating a process line, which produced more in less resources is the challenge we overcome in every project.

Tapasya Global USA Quality


Our quality analyst don’t allow a machine to pass through until it excels and clears through all the stringent quality parameters. Nothing but the best for our customers.

Tapasya Global USA Performance


We at DJA back our solutions with the best service. 24-hour response time is not just a promise we give to our customers. It’s a promise we have given ourselves.

Tapasya Global USA Solutions


DJA partners with the leaders across the globe to deliver the best-integrated solutions for Pharma and Allied Industries.

It’s DJA’s vision to exceed your expectations as a full-service provider by providing a customer-centric approach driven by innovation and service excellence

our values

At DJA, we pride ourselves on our integrity, passion, innovation, and adaptability. These values are the guiding principles that reflect our internal conduct as well as our relationship with you, the customer. We are committed to letting our corporate values guide our decisions in all matters.

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