Technical Video

ELEVATOR is custom designed to lift and position any type of container. These units are constructed using various standard assemblies which offers individual solution to each application of solid dosage manufacturing and also for liquid compounding operation.

This system is evolved to achieve dust free transfer of in-process materials enhancing cGMP standard, and simultaneously eliminating laborious manual operation.

Primary Features

Closed Column construction with floor and ceiling fastening, also available in self standing pivoted execution.

Material of construction is SS clad MS column/SS column.

Double acting in-house manufactured Hydraulic Cylinder with 3 stage Fail safe seals. The cylinder is designed for an operating pressure of 100 BAR.

Hose burst protection system installed on the Cylinder making it fail safe.

2 nos 8 MM Ø SS 304 Wire ropes instead of chain.Lift Lock for safety provided.

Imported Mono Block Power Pack zero maintenance.

All control Cabling and rigid piping included with the machines. Due to Rigid Piping chances of leakages are eliminated.

CE Certified meeting 19 EN specifications.