Bin Washing System

The Bin Washing System comes as a stand-alone or a completely integrated system designed to clean all sizes of IBC’s with minimum human intervention. The system is specifically designed for Cleaning & Drying the Bins in a pre-validated manner and comes with an efficient telescopic arm enabled spray nozzle for cleaning the internals of the Bins and multiple nozzles for external cleaning.

Primary Features

Single system for Wash & Dry operation with an Option of Open & Closed type Bin Wash system

Turntable arrangement for lower platform

Complete enclosure through the provision of Inflatable seal

10 bar pressure design for maximum cleaning

Air handling unit in Closed type Wash System for drying operation

Infrared arrangement in the Open type Wash System

Easy integration with a Tapasya CIP skid to provide a systematic cleaning operation through Recipe control

Automated operation through PLC system

Systematic drainage arrangement for proper collection of liquids

Automatic loading and unloading options for completely Automated operation

Options available for ‘Through the wall’ design, Sight glass, Electronic opening of Upper & Lower valves of Bins